About Us

ACRAA is located in the village of Alter do Chão, which is on the banks of the Tapajós river in the Amazon region of Brazil (Pará state). The port city of Santarém on the Amazon River is 35 km away.

We were founded by a trio made up of a Brazilian, a Canadian and a Venezuelan (Diêgo, Thor and Daki). We now have fifteen associates and we count on the cooperation of other people such as our forestry engineer, Waldeir. You will meet some of these people in the pages of this website. Together we have started the ACRAA headquarters in Alter do Chão – a resource and educational center, and nursery for reforestation and agroforestry development. 

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ACRAA’s Mission: 

At ACRAA it is our mission to promote and advance the restoration and conservation of forest ecosystems in the Amazon Region of Brazil, and where appropriate with the integration of advanced agroforestry systems that also incorporate invaluable indigenous knowledge. As such, in addition to the natural biodiversity and biosphere functions of the forest, systems that provide the people living here with greater self-sufficiency and economic prosperity are also created.

Conducting educational activities that will promote environmentally sustainable development and forest conservation in the Amazon region is also an important part of our mission. This including workshops and classes to disseminate the knowledge and skills needed to implement ecological restoration and agroforestry development projects. Specific educational activities will be developed to target various groups – including the public (and especially children of all ages), national and international tourists, and national and international college and university students.

It is our mission also to find ways to harness, through our projects, the growing “green” economic potential available to this region. This through, for example, the marketing of forest carbon sequestration credits, and the development of high-value forest-based export crops (e.g., cocoa, coffee), and the initiation of a new form of ecotourism we are calling “Reforestation Tourism.” 

And it is also an important part of our mission to assist the local indigenous Borari community in the management and restoration of the popular tourist beaches around Alter do Chão, these of extreme importance for the local economy.

The ACRAA Tree

We like to think of ACRAA as being a tree. As such, we se our efforts being divided into four main branches. The first three are: 1) Reforestation, 2) Agroforestry, and 3) Education. Spanning all three of these, the fourth branch of this tree is: 4) Connections. A description of each of these is seen in the links below.