Building Connections

For ACRAA to succeed in its objectives, alliances must be built between various local, national and international groups and organizations. This includes local indigenous groups, universities, public institutions, NGOs, community groups and people interested in the cause.

We will seek to carry out projects together with educational institutions in the region and in other locations that are interested in ACRAA projects. Reforestation and agroforestry projects will be coordinated with these institutions. In the project “Escola de Campo de Reflorestamento Tropical” (Tropical Reforestation Field School), this connection with national and international universities will be fundamental for its realization, as we will seek to create a practical teaching center where students from these institutions will take courses and experiences in partnership with ACRAA.

There are 13  indigenous ethnicities in the Santarém region, where we will seek to connect with each one in diversified projects. Regarding indigenous groups, the Borari are an ethnic group from Alter do Chão and surroundings. Holders of an ancient culture, we wish to combine this knowledge acquired in years of experience with new ecological techniques. We will seek to use guides from these ethnic groups to help in our seed collection excursions, in the expeditions of our “Reforestation Tourism” project, and in forest management.

Connecting with people, companies and NGOs from Brazil and other parts of the world is very important for the advancement of our projects and ideals. To this end, ACRAA is using social media, digital communication and other technologies to bring people closer to ACRAA and the activities carried out by us.

We will seek synergies in different places by different means so that, united in the cause of reforestation, we can make the world “greener and less hot”.