Green Corridors

Green Corridors

Green Corridors

Project Status: Planning / Consultation Phase

“Green Corridors” is an initiative that is part of the ACRAA Urban Reforestation model. This project has three objectives: connecting green areas in cities that have been fragmented by urban advancement, building paths to favor the natural movement of animals, and promoting environmental awareness in local communities.

We will start this project in village of Alter do Chão, located near the city of Santarém-PA; this in an Amazonian region recognized worldwide for its natural beauty. Alter do Chão is surrounded by forests, however, with extensive urban advance in the last decades, in addition to a disorganized urbanization process, many animals have found themselves confined in small green areas, surrounded by neighborhoods and streets – and not having access to the forests, rivers and streams that surround Alter do Chão. This is harmful to the reproduction and genetic variety of these populations.

First, we want to connect the forest that divides the municipality of Santarém-PA from the municipality of Belterra-PA, and to Lago Verde.

The forest we refer to is a vast and designated as “Área de Proteção Ambiental Permanente” (Area with Permanent Environmental Protection). With urban advancement, this forest has been separated from Lago Verde, a lake and tributary of the Tapajós River. This problem began with the construction of the PA-457 state highway, which cut the connection between the forest and Lago Verde, breaking the animals’ natural safe access to water. The problem is worsening due to ongoing urban advancement; the Communities of Caranazal the Nova União are advancing on the forest and will soon connect (see Figures above).

Our project aims to create green corridors, with fruit trees typical of the region, connecting the forest to Lago Verde, benefiting the great diversity of animals that inhabit the region. In places where it is not possible to plant trees, we will build bridges or other means of access for the animals, favoring their free movement. In the area where the PA-457 highway separates the forest from Lago Verde, we will build aerial access, with bridges connecting the two sides of the road, and underground, with tunnels for the access of terrestrial animals.

An alliance is being built with the communities where we will develop the project. A partnership with these communities will be necessary for the maintenance of the plants, where we will seek the commitment of the residents to assist us in the care of the trees planted along their streets. This will improve environmental awareness and a real change in reality.

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