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The Ilha do Amor and the Beaches of Alter do Chão Project Status: We planted our first trees here in February 2022 (a small trial of ten trees). We are now planning for a much larger planting event, which will occur in early December 2022. As indicated in our Mission Statement, one of ACRAA’s objectives is to assist the local indigenous Borari community in the management and restoration of the popular tourist beaches around Alter do Chão (this community having responsibility for these areas) – beaches that are of immense importance to this community and the local economy. The most famous of these beaches, and the showcase of the entire Santarém region, is the Ilha do Amor – the Island of Love. How famous? – See 2009 Guardian aticle here. The Ilha do Amor is not an island but a peninsula of sand, with the Tapajós river on one side…

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