Projects and Initiatives

ACRAA has identified a number of important initiatives in the Alter do Chão area, all of which will advance our mission as an organization. Eight of these are listed below. Note we have already started projects in relation to the first three!

However, we ask that you take especially close note of our (future) Reforestation Tourism initiative (item seven below). Such an ecotourism industry here could be a major contributor to both forest conservation and the alleviation of poverty. This would also be a new approach to sustainable development in this region, and a route to financial self-sufficiency for ACRAA. In the nearer term (perhaps the next 3-5 years), the first five items on the list below will form the base or underlay for this new initiative (source of project activities). But in the future the sixth item, Model Farm/Forest Reserve, will become a major part as well. We hope to launch our first one-week “Reforestation Tourism” package within two years.

The eigth initiative below,  construction of the ACRAA Center, could begin at any time with funding. However, although such a building would be highly beneficial to our other operations, we anticipate having to improvise in the nearer term through construction of a very simple provisional center, or perhaps renting a nearby building.

  1. Ilha do Amor Project. Status: planting on beaches commenced February 2022. This project aims to restore tree cover and reverse soil erosion on Ater do Chão’s world famous beaches, with emphasis on the Ilha do Amor.  See here for details. 
  2. Micro-Agroforestry Development. Status: First seedlings donated to landowners March 2022. This project aims to encourage and assist in the development of micro-agroforestry systems on small land holdings by providing free seedlings and expertice. See here for details.
  3. ACRAA at School Initiative. Status: Work with schools commenced April 2022.  This project aims to provide expert hands-on environmental education to children in Alter do Chão through working with the indigenous Borari school system.  See here for details.
  4. Restoration of Igarapés Project. Status: Discussion/conceptual phase. This project aims to restore degraded Igarapés, which are small forest streams and natural springs. See here for details.
  5. Green Corridors Project. Status: Discussion/conceptual phase. This project aims to create and restore wildlife corridors where these have been lost due to urban advancement. See here for details.
  6. Model Farm/Forest Reserve. Status: Conceptual phase. This project will involve aquiring a larger piece of land, such as soya or cattle ranching acerage, with the restoration of native forest cover in some areas and the development of an advanced agroforestry system on others. See here for details.
  7. Reforestation Tourism: Status: Discussion/conceptual phase, also presently in process of building network of experts/professionals to assist us in delivering a high-value program. With the projects listed above as a basis for activities, we at ACRAA intend to commence an ecotourism initiative in Alter do Chão we are calling Reforestation Tourism. We believe such a program at this spectacular location in the Amazon has the potential to make a major contribution towards environmental protection and at the same time improving economic prosperity in this region. We also see this a a route for ACRAA to achieve financial self-sufficiency. See here for details.
  8. ACRAA Center. Status: Conceptual phase. This project involves the design and construction of a building on the ACRAA property that will act as our “Center” – a place where people interested in reforestation and agroforestry can meet, and classes and workshops can be held. This building will also have office space for ACRAA personel and visiting scientists and students, including a soils and plant laboratory. See here for details.