First Planting Ilha do Amor

First Planting Ilha do Amor

First Planting on the Ilha do Amor

On February 4, 2022 we were honored to participate in tree planting cermorny on the Ilha do Amor, this our first planting event here (Photos 1 to 8). This musical cermony was led by Neca Borari, Chief of the local Borari indigenous comminity, with drumming assitance by Juvenal Ferreira also of this comminity. ACRAA provided five large Comandá seedlings, the parents of which we were planting along side [1].

Prior to planting the first tree Neca selected the five planting locations [2]. Each tree was also fitted with a protected wooden box-structure. The photos below were taken on this day, and below this a video recorded during planting of the very first tree (sorry no subtitles)[3]. Photos taken three and ten weeks after planting are also shown below (Photos 9 and 10).

[1] The seeds used to grow these Comandá were collected on the Ilha do Amor and other beaches around Alter do Chão in February of 2020.

[2] It will always be the case that members of the Borari community have this authority, although of course with input from ACRAA representatives and other environmental professionals.