School Ceremony April 18/22

School Ceremony April 18/22

Escola Professor Antônio de Sousa Pedroso - Indigenous Peoples Week Ceremony. April 18, 2022

On April 18, 2022 ACRAA was honoured with a role as part of the annual Indigenous Peoples Week ceremononies at the Escola Professor Antônio de Sousa Pedroso. This was an especially big honor as 2022 marks the first year that this school is under Borari coordination.

This ceremony commenced just after mid-day with all students of this school attending. After an opening ritual in which we all joined hands and sang, the leaders of this school and community spoke. Thor was also given an opportunity to address the gathering and talk about ACRAA and our alliance with the Borari community, which was a great honor. A small tree planting ceremony then ensued for which ACRAA had made earlier preparations and also provided seedlings. The day also included all those present participating in the Ritual of Sairé. Here masts laiden with fruit were raised as a form of thank you for the abundant harvest – with this fruit later distributed as part of the celebration.

The photos below illustrate this day.