CEMEI Borari School

CEMEI Borari School


CEMEI Borari

The ACRAA at School project commenced at the CEMEI Borari School [1] in Alter do Chão at the beginning of the 2022 school year.

Here we planted trees inside and outside the educational center to ease the heat, which will transform the school space into a more wooded and cooler environment. The pre-school children participated in the activities, helping with the planting of trees.

[1] Municipal Center for Indigenous Early Childhood Education – Professor Marilda Vasconcelos Soares Borari.

We also held lectures with the CEMEI students and teachers, with the theme of environmental awareness and the importance of children in the process of environmental education of thier parents.

In March 2023 we started building a raised bed for growing vegetables for the student’s lunches, and for medicinal plants. Lectures and monthly activities will soon be held here with children from the educational center and their teachers.

In April of 2023 an initial activity was carried out with the preschool children in the form of a practical class on seed germination. Here they planted vegetable seeds in tubes, these will be used in the school lunches in the future.

   We need your help to continue carrying out these and other activities!


Rua Everaldo Martins, s/n., Bairro Carauari, Alter do Chão, Santarém-PA, CEP 68109-000.


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