ACRAA Center

ACRAA Center

The ACRAA Center Building

This section details a conceptual design for our future Center. This bulding will act as a meeting place and venue for classes and workshops, and it’s location next to the ACRAA nursery means many opportunities for hands-on learning experiences will be created. 

Figure 1 below provides a map of the ACRAA property, which consists of two separately titled lots (an east and west lot, separated by the wall shown). Note that there is considerable area available for future expansion of the nursery area (east lot).

Figure 2 details a conceptual design for this building. Note that Thor (the current property owner here) is prepared to enter into the required legal agreements with ACRAA (the official NGO once formed), such that it is  guaranteed this structure is only used for the purpose intended. This may consist of a long-term contract, or perhaps donation/sale of the property to ACRAA, where it is proposed this structure will be built. 

Figure 1: Map of ACRAA property.
Figure 2: Center concept details.